Sunday, May 5, 2013

Back in Business

New Beginning

The Husmann Family Blog is back in business after a false start last summer. Shortly after I decided to start a family blog, we went on vacation, and then I got pregnant and then we decided to put our house up for sale, and I think you can tell where this is going. I just didn't get around to Blog Post #2 . . . ever. But since my Lenten fast from Facebook lead to my decision to permanently deactivate my Facebook account, I want to be able to update our family and friends on what we are up to down in sunny Land O' Lakes, Florida.  (Sidenote: I need to do a post about the joys of not being on Facebook). Anyway, I hope you enjoy our blog.

Eating . . . one of Logan's favorite past times
A few quick updates to share so you know where we are at ... we have certainly progressed since homemade baby food (the subject of my last--and only other-- blog post).

Little-Big Logan

Logan is a big strong 16 month old little boy and getting bigger by the day. He is very tall like his daddy and even getting cute broad shoulders and big feet (also like daddy). He is going to break a lot of hearts someday, first and foremost his mama's. I am so proud of my little guy and what a brave little boy he is becoming.

Lowry Park Zoo May 2013

Single-Income Household and Loving It

I am also proud of my big guy . . . Ryan is still at Ed Morse Cadillac and working every day to bring home that bacon so I don't have to go back to work. I LOVE being a stay at home mommy to Logan-- all my dreams have come true. And my wonderful hubby is who makes it possible for me. I cannot sing his praises enough!


A Little Girl Will Join Us Soon!

Ballast Point Park April 2013
Which brings me to my next update, our feisty little one who is yet to be born but very much alive and growing in my enormous belly. Lily is six months gestational age and quite the spitfire. She moves around constantly, all day and all night. She wakes me up every morning at around 4:00 am, this is why I make it my goal to be in bed, lights out by 10:15 pm. Sometimes I fall back to sleep but about half the time I just lie awake until 5:30 and then get up and do a little bible study. I don' t mind this because it gives me some quiet time before Logan wakes up at around 7, and it is preparing me for long all-nighters when Lily arrives. I have had a very easy pregnancy with no complications. At around this time with Logan the doctors said I had anemia, which meant I had to go on an iron pill and watch my blood counts and stuff. Nothing like that with Lily; I attribute this to a very hearty diet and not working at my old firm, which was extremely stressful.

New Home . . . New Life . . . Maybe??

Easter 2013
And finally (most posts will not be this long, I promise!) we put our house up for sale in January. We weren't getting much activity so we had Ryan's family come down and help us update and paint. It was a great investment . . . the week after we posted our new photos on, we got seven showings in one week. We have gotten a few low ball offers which we haven't even bothered countering. Many of these offers come from out of town investors who will throw any number and see what sticks. Since the days are ticking by, we are planning to keep the house on the market a few more weeks, and then we will probably take it off the market until after Lily arrives. We are aiming to re-list it six months or a year.

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