Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father's Day and Dropping Some Dead Weight!

We had a big yard sale on Saturday where we sold several big items, including a treadmill, a kayak and some wakeboard equipment that we hadn't used in a while. We also sold a lot of clothes and home items that were starting to gather dust. The garage sale was a big success, and the weather was perfect. It was overcast and on the verge of raining--but never actually rained-- for the entire morning. By noon we were pretty much cleaned out and ready to haul the rest off to Christian Social Services. My mom and dad helped us and we definitely could not have done it without them, because Ryan was working as he usually does on Saturdays. It feels so good to get all of that dead weight out of our home and to have nice clean, clear shelves and closets at least for a little while.

Sunday was Father's Day, and Logan gave his daddy a ceramic cereal bowl that he made for him at You Do the Dishes. We have some really cute pictures of Logan sponging the bowl with light blue paint and then making a big hand print right in the middle. He wore a cute little apron and had a lot of fun working with the paint. I think its time to get him some finger paint to experiment with at home very soon. We went to Bonefish for dinner with Mom and Dad and all had a delicious seafood dinner. It was a great end to a fun Father's Day.

Logan making Ryan's Father's Day present

Ryan lost 13 pounds over the past few months.

Ryan also got a t-shirt that says "World's Greatest Dad." In the photo you can see that he looks a little thinner than in previous photos-- its not just the angle! Ryan has lost about thirteen pounds over the last few months, without trying. We think its because he rough plays with Logan and works out in the yard and around the house so much, and also because we have started Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University program, which teaches you to budget and save more. We really enjoyed the program and feel as though it has improved our budget as well as strengthening our marriage. As a result, there are much fewer impromptu stops at McDonalds and pizzas ordered in when we don't feel like cooking, so Ryan has dropped some excess weight. People are really starting to notice the change in him and I think he looks great and more handsome than ever.

To close, here is a cute photo of Logan and his sweet buddy Connor enjoying some oversized slices of watermelon on Memorial Day. Happy Summer Everyone!

Connor Atwell and Logan on Memorial Day

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