Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sold! Part 1: Waiting

Now that all the dust has settled and we have all the approvals we need, we can share that we have sold our home on Bell Lake Road! And what a rollercoaster ride it has been.

We knew we needed to do something when we saw a car overturned on the sidewalk where Logan and I walk almost every day. The quiet suburban/country road we lived on was opened a few years ago (some of you might remember the construction mess when you came to our engagement party in Summer 2009) to connect two major roads in Land O' Lakes. Since then it has become a major road itself with cars and trucks zooming by above 50 mph. Accidents happen too frequently right in front of our own driveway. It just isn't safe for children to be riding bikes or even playing in the yard.

We decided to put our house up for sale immediately. The next day, Kathy Muscatell came into Ryan's dealership, a realtor who has sold property to another person Ryan works with, and Ryan and her struck up a conversation. This is the first instance of God's leading in this saga of selling our home. Kathy came over the next Sunday to meet with us and discuss putting our house up for sale.

The credit-card shaped cake at our final Financial Peace University meeting--
at every weekly meeting we had a credit-card cutting ceremony 
We listed our home January 29. Shortly thereafter, we attended a church service where we were introduced to Financial Peace University (I know I bring this program up a lot!) which teaches financial planning based on biblical principles. The theme of the class is, owe no debt to anyone except love (Rom. 13:8). This means living without credit card debt, car loans or even a mortgage. This course gave us a second reason to sell our home: downsize, use the rest to pay off debt, and start attacking remaining long-term debt with "gazelle-like intensity."

For a long time, we were doing a lot of showings with almost no signs of follow-up interest. Requests for showings came in clusters, people said they liked the house (or didn't) and we never heard from them again. Logan and I scrubbed and cleaned and then headed out to the pool or the library so that potential buyers could see our home privately, and nothing ever came of it.  We even invested in updating and fixing up our home, as I described in another post. We got a short and intense burst of activity after this, but again, nothing came of it except a few verbal offers way below asking price that we didn't even bother countering. As the weeks ticked by and my belly got bigger and bigger, we got a little more discouraged. We thought we were doing the right thing in selling a home we both loved, because a different place would better suit our children's needs and our financial goals, but it just didn't seem like the right time.

Grandpa and Memere's community pool was a great place
to hang out during afternoon showings.
In May, we decided it was best to take our home off the market and wait until after Lily arrived, as keeping the house in show-ready order was becoming difficult for me as my belly got bigger and Lily started kicking and pushing more and more. It is very disappointing to believe you are doing the right thing and following God's will for your life, only to be told, "not now" or "wait."

To be continued...

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