Monday, July 29, 2013

Family and Friends Shower Us with Love!

We are having a lot of fun getting ready for Lily to arrive. It is so special to see so many of our friends and family getting excited along with us.

A Sweet Shower

Right before we moved out of our house, we were given a surprise shower by our friends the Atwells. Rachel's parents, Marianne and Richard, graciously opened their home to us for the occasion. Amidst a super busy and somewhat stressful time of  packing and making arrangements for the closing, it was nice to get away for a few hours and be lavished with love and presents for our little girl. Here are some photos of the details of this precious shower.

I was completely shocked, thinking Ryan and I were going to Rachel's parents' house to pick up some extra boxes for packing. Little did I know what awaited me inside!

Rachel used Lily's presents (mostly outfits) for decoration, which was such an adorable idea. Little girls' clothes is so pretty; why buy a bunch of pink frilly stuff from the party store?

Diaper cake and diaper table. Since we have all the gadgets and functional items we will need for a new baby, Rachel asked guests to bring only clothes and diapers.

Lily Pad

Lily and Logan's Pops has a cabin in Murphy, North Carolina. Besides gutting and rebuilding the interior with some cool and unique elements like secret passageways and a forest-themed play room on the first floor of the cabin (like a basement) called LogXan Forest (after his two grandsons, Logan and Xander), he has also built a treehouse in the very back of the property. Both these areas remind me a little of the Swiss Family Robinson ride at Disney World. He has named the first floor of the treehouse (yes, it's two stories), "Lily Pad." The woodwork is so unique and over the top you have to see it to believe it. We cannot wait to get back up to Murphy to see the tree house and the LogXan Forest. Logan and Lily are going to adore these spaces more and more as they gets older. I will post just the photos I have on hand of the treehouse for now, but I want to do a post just dedicated to the cabin. It is so one of a kind you really have to see photos for yourself.

Every wood carving you see was done by Lily's Pops and every bannister rail is a stick of driftwood collected in wooded areas around the cabin in Western NC, by Pops and Tutu. No word yet on their various trespassing charges!!
Here is one of the walls of the tree house which leads out to the balcony (you can see the banisters through the door) of the tree house. Can you see Lily's name??

A close up of "Lily Pad"


Visit with Aunt Rachel at Siesta Key

To close out this blog entry, I have to share a great photo from visiting Rach at Siesta Key this past weekend. It was so fun to catch up for a while and let Logan spend some time getting to know Rach. He has met her about six times now and he is definitely beginning to recognize her when he sees her. Since she is Lily's godmother, its really important to all of us that both Lily and Logan get to know and love her as much as we do.
That's all for now! PS Lily dropped today! :) :)

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