Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sold! Part 2: Farewell Bell Lake Road

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I am writing this blog from my mom's computer because we are staying with my parents for the time being. . . we are currently homeless! Here is an update on our journey to sell our home and make a better life for ourselves . . .

I left you in my last post in mid-May, when we had decided this was just not the right time for us to make our big move. We moved Logan into his new room (the guest bedroom), moved the guest bedroom into the office, and began transforming Logan's old blue room into the perfect haven for a sweet little Lily who would arrive in a few months time. I planted some tomatoes and a little herb garden as we had decided we would just be staying put for another year or so. We called our realtor and let her know we would be taking the house off the market on Friday, May 24.

Soon after this decision was made, we got a call telling us we had a showing request and it was a second showing. A second showing is very good because it means someone who already saw the house is interested enough to take a second look. The feedback from this showing was different: their realtor advised they were putting together an offer for us to review by the next Wednesday. We were shocked. We had waited for months and months for exactly this moment.

We eagerly agreed to keep the house on the market for another week to give them time to make their offer.

Wednesday came and went, and no offer. A whole week went by and we heard nothing but crickets.

It had felt like this eleventh hour offer was just too good to be true, and now this feeling was confirmed in our minds. We had made peace with staying at Bell Lake Road before and we would do it again. We decided we would not let ourselves get excited over any news any more.

Finally we got a call that the buyers had gotten their affairs in order and would be submitting their offer by Sunday, ten days after they had initially told us. We smiled and said we'd review any offer that came in, and then put it out of our minds. Sunday came and went, and no offer. We patted ourselves on the back and went back to life. Too many fun and exciting things were happening unrelated to the home sale, and we decided these precious last weeks with Logan as an only child, and preparing for the joy of a new baby in our home, would not be disrupted again.

The following Wednesday, the offer finally came in at $50,000 below our asking price. For a second time we congratulated ourselves on not getting excited, realizing we had been low-balled once again.

Another week passed and we continued to prepare Logan and Lily's rooms and to look for the positive in our current home, glad we were past this one final twist.

Then, out of the blue, the buyer's agent contacted us again: the buyers had come up $25,000.  Finally we let ourselves get excited. This was something we could work with!

We countered a few times and finally came a number we could all live with. We are very proud that we did not budge a penny from our rock-bottom minimum in order to get out of the house faster. We waited it out, and we eventually got exactly what we had to to make this move worthwhile financially (but not a penny more!!).

We accepted the final offer on June 22, and immediately made arrangements to get into a rental home, realizing it would be a true miracle to find a forever-home in just over a month (Lily would arrive August 1). We called family and friends and told them, "We're moving!! Now!" and heard their shock over what we would be doing at eight months pregnant.

We truly believe that this process was the direct working of God in our lives. A year ago, or even six months ago, we could never have imagined that we would be living with my parents, looking for a new house to move into, and freed of so much of our debt. We feel really good about accepting the disappointments over and over again, and still moving forward together as a family. This journey has confirmed to us the importance of trusting in the Lord in every detail of our lives, large or small. It has also shown us that even when everything is up in the air, we are an unbreakable family unit and we can be content with whatever challenges and disappointments life brings.

Believe it or not, there is a lot more to this story. Stay tuned!

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